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Practise English consistently with a range of fun quizzes and activities.

Speak Confidently

  • Speak fluently in meetings
  • Sound native on the phone
  • Write polite emails
  • Speak confidently at social events
£4.99 Per Month Billed Anually

Money Back Guarantee

If the course is not right for you we offer 100% money back.

£4.99 Per Month Billed Anually

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Practise English consistently with a range of fun quizzes and activities

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Frequently asked questions

We have designed this package for anyone who uses English in their job. This has been designed to take you from using ‘acceptable English’ to speaking ‘native level English’.

Don’t worry if English is difficult for you to learn. We teach in a different way to the ‘traditional’ schools. We focus on how real native English people speak at work so you can simply learn and use the language immediately!

We have developed the best technology so that you can consistently practise your speaking and pronunciation whenever and wherever you are. You will learn the most important expressions that native speakers use, to speak fluently and confidently.

No problem! However, we’ve spent a long time developing a high-quality product that saves you money and time paying for expensive English classes. The cost of the course is the equivalent of paying for 2 x English classes with a native teacher, so we consider this 9 module course with 30 x classes a bargain!

We guarantee that you will learn lots of new fantastic English whatever your level because this course teaches you native-level language that is different from ‘textbook’ English. If you don’t then simply contact us within 7 days of purchase and we will refund you 100% of your money back.

We have designed this course for anyone who already speaks English to an intermediate level and beyond. With this pack you are going to take your English to the next level whether you are intermediate, advanced or above.

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