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Are you an individual looking for quality online courses in order to  improve your professional English?


Are you an individual looking for specialist English coaching for your employees?

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We offer the best online courses for individuals with busy schedules. Created by Professional English Specialists. We help you improve your English quickly by using modern methods and intuitive content. We have a dedicated support team so you have access to constant advice.

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Our courses are designed to help you improve your professional English using modern techniques. Access our top of the range online academy and follow our video courses accompanied by fantastic document material and quizzes. Our courses are accessible 24/7 to give maxiumum flexibility for your busy life.

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We will help your employees communicate effectively and quickly. We offer One to One Native English Coaching so your workers improve with guaranteed results.



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"OneClickClass courses have helped my English so much. Not only professionally, but socially too. English that you can't learn anywhere else. It has helped me work here in London!"–

– Marco Gonzalez: London Consultancy

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