You Can Speak English Like a Native

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You will speak English like a native… even if you have limited time and confidence!

Learning English is becoming more difficult, as competition increases for speaking at high level.


You need to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive job market

Have you noticed that more and more jobs require you to have a high level of English?  Do you see your friends and colleagues improving their English? Do you feel the English you learned at school or in academies does not serve you for the real world? Would you like to feel more confident with your level of English?

The longer you avoid learning a language, the more difficult it gets to catch up with everyone else. This means you have difficulties getting your message across when you are at work with international clients. Another consequence is that you want people to understand exactly what you want to say, but you are frustrated when you can't express it correctly.

This frustration becomes worse when you see people around you improving their English and getting better opportunities and salaries. If you are busy it is nearly impossible to find more time to learn English and take classes. Because of this you never see the improvement that you want to see.

The demand for a high English level is ever increasing in today's globalised world. If you want to work for a top company, there is no doubt that your English level must be at a fluent to native level in order to succeed. 

If you want to guarantee a high salary you must be able to communicate effectively. When you work in a business environment, the need to speak English to a native level is obligatory. You will find yourself in situations where there is no escape but to speak well and confidently. 

Confidence & practise are key in maintaining a high level of English.  You need to practise continuously and methodically in order to achieve your desired level. Learning a language is like going to the gym. You need to build the muscle over time.

And the great news is it is completely possible to achieve!


The London Native Business English Course

This course is designed to teach you native level English as quickly as possible. The course has been customised for your busy lifestyle, with 24/7 learning giving you total flexibility to improve your English whenever you have time.  With our modern systems and technology you will learn: how to speak like a native, to understand native colleagues' English, British pronunciation, common expressions and much more!

Special offer! £139 £39 Limited time offer!

What Will You Get When You Sign Up?

When you sign up you will be taken to directly to the start of the course. There are 9 modules, which include video lessons, each focusing on a key area of English at work. Then you'll put into practice what you've learnt by taking quizzes, designed by English language experts using the latest technology. This includes speech recognition technology so you can practice your pronunciation and speaking skills. You will also have several written assessments that you will get personalised feedback on, marked by native English teachers. When you finish you will be assessed and awarded:                      

The London Native Business English Diploma.

Personalised Feedback & Assessments

Throughout the course you will do written assessments that are marked by native English teachers, who will give you personalised feedback on your English. We help you develop throughout the course so you can be 100% confident speaking English at work.

40 + Hours of Material

The course is taught through a combination of video and audio material, and interactive quizzes, which include speaking and listening exercises. There are also written homework assessments and worksheets.

Video Classes

The course includes a series of video lessons taught by native English teachers, Becky and Luka. Both are CELTA trained and have years of experience in teaching business English to students from all over the world. 

The London Business Native English Certificate 

Upon assessment you will receive The London Business Native English certificate, approved by One Click Class stating your achievements in this course. This will look great on your CV and impressive to new employers, helping you to get that dream job!


Put into practice everything you learn with our interesting quizzes, designed by English language experts using the latest technology. This includes speech recognition technology so you can practice your pronunciation!

Native English Teachers

All of our teachers are native English speakers and CELTA trained. The personalised feedback and the lessons, which are full of native expressions and vocabulary, are given by native English teachers to make your English sound more natural and like a native speaker.


Here’s what people are saying about the course

We have helped hundreds of students just like you in order to achieve their career goals

Sandra Hornillos


"I have improved by a great deal"

The reason I chose Oneclickclass is because I have to give presentations. I wanted to improve my presentation skills. I feel I have improved by a great deal. I would definitely recommend the programme!

Juanjo Ferran

Finance Controller

"I have improved a lot"

I work as a financial controller in a law firm. I have to say I've improved a lot with Oneclickclass.

Mayara Melo

Human Resources

"So dynamic and helped me a lot to improve my English" 

I chose Oneclickclass because I was looking to improve my business English skills. I really like the classes, the teachers are amazing, flexible and friendly. The classes are so dynamic and helped me a lot to improve my English.


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Module 1: Greetings & Introductions 

In this module you will learn how to use informal and formal greetings with both clients and colleagues. You’ll also learn how to introduce yourself and explain your job role.


Module 2: Phrasal Verbs for Meetings 

Using phrasal verbs is essential to sounding like a native. In this module you’ll learn essential phrasal verbs that natives commonly use in meetings and learn how to use them by putting them into practice in the quizzes.


Module 3: Expressions

We have chosen some of the most key expressions to use in the workplace to get your English sounding really natural and like a native.


Module 4: Meetings

In this module you will learn how to communicate effectively in meetings, express your opinion, and learn specific techniques to control the conversation. This will show your colleagues you have fantastic control of English.


Module 5: The Art of Sounding Polite 

Being polite is an essential part of working with English colleagues. In this module we teach you how to make polite requests and criticisms, and how to interrupt and disagree politely. 


Module 6: Phone Calls 

This module includes common expressions to use over the phone in specific situations, such as arranging meetings and how to deal with difficulties such as connection issues and not understanding the caller.


Module 7: Extra Expressions 

We’ll focus on some more native-level expressions, explaining the different contexts in which we use them and how to use them effectively.


Module 8: Extra Phrasal verbs 

More phrasal verbs! We will go even deeper into the world of phrasal verbs. You will learn more extremely useful and commonly phrasal verbs and learn how to use them just like a native.


Module 9:​The Art of Small Talk

You’ll learn how to communicate with your colleagues and clients in different contexts, such as meetings, conferences, in the office, or at after work drinks. We will give you the tools to connect with your counterparts, and have fun with them, in and out of the workplace!


This Amazing Course Offers 100% Value

Your access to all the materials, quizzes, and video classes does not stop there! You will also join our internal community so that you can ask any questions you have regarding your learning. You will receive support from our team and community. 

Bonus 1
Join Our Community

You will be added into our private community where you can ask questions and share what you have learned with other students. At Oneclickclass we believe in community and group learning. 

Bonus 2
24/7 Support

Through our chat you will have 24/7 support with a native teacher. They are here to help you with any doubts you may have. This is a unique opportunity to have guided support from a native teacher throughout your learning experience. 

Bonus 3

Within each module are worksheets that are created by English language experts using a sleek and modern design. The worksheets give you lots of examples using the vocabulary to help you really understand and know in which contexts to use it.

About Your Teachers

Becky & Luka

Becky & Luka have been helping hundreds of students develop their business English for several years. They have taught students in top companies and institutions all over the world, including The Bank of Spain in Madrid and Pierre Fabre in Paris.

"After teaching for many years, we wanted to bring all our knowledge together into a course that will help many more people acheive their career goals. We want to share our tips to help you dramatically improve your English and give you the best opportunities!"

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Ibrahim Ahmed


"This programme is a perfect match for my IELTS practice "

I really appreciate that this course is so flexible and I can learn at any time. I usually study on my commute to work and attend webinar classes in the evening. This course is a perfect match for my IELTS practise. The level and language I have learned is second to none! Also, the flexibility of the course is perfect for me.

Barbara Schön

Company Director

"This approach to learning is so refreshing"

In my country many people people speak "good English". But the problem is we don't learn how to speak real native English! This approach to learning is so refreshing. The masterclass programme has helped me take my English to the next level.

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

"My confidence and fluency have improved 100%"

I have always suffered from low confidence when speaking English. I wanted to find a course where I was free to practise and improve with guided support. I have to say within 30 days my confidence and fluency have improved 100% and because of this I have been promoted to a higher role in my company.

We teach you what you didn't learn at school

We have developed a unique and modern method in order for you to learn genuine English as quick as possible. 

With our unique blend of traditional teaching mixed with cutting edge modern technology and systems, you will experience the most powerful and flexible learning environment ever!

This course includes:

Video Lessons, Quizzes & Materials - value 370€

Pronunciation Technology - value 130€

Native Teacher Support - value 100€

Private Members Community  - value 100€

London Native Business English Certificate  - value 90€

Real Value 790€

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee for 7 Days

We believe this programme will help you achieve your English goals.

We are so confident, we are offering a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

We want to eliminate all risk to buying this course. If when you buy the course,  you feel it is not right for you simply contact our support team and we will offer a full refund. 

This course has a guarantee so you are completely protected when you buy the course.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Alexandra Sanchez


"I can now speak and work confidently in English"

I started working in an international company and I needed to improve my English to speak and understand overall. Thanks to Oneclickclass I can speak now work confidently in English. It's fantastic to learn different phrases from a native and it does help me a lot.

Elena Torres


" I have moved to London because of my improvement"

Before starting classes with Oneclickclass I found it difficult to speak in English. Thanks to Oneclickclass, I am able to speak with confidence. I have improved my fluency and grammatically.I have moved to London because of my improvement.Now I live in London and I speak and work confidently in English. 

Blanca Enrique


"Now I feel I can speak fluently about any topic"

I have to say the lessons and the classes are fantastic. Now I feel I can speak fluently about any topic!


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You can be the next success story

We have seen so many of our students achieve great success. That's why we want want to tell you that anybody can do this! If you have the desire to truly work hard and improve, you will see fantastic results quickly.